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Fighters Will Register by Weight Class to Challenge and Accept Challenges to
Create and Own their Fights, Creating a Highly Sortable Database of Made Fights

When Fighters' Contracts Expire, They Can Become Free Agent Fighters Controlling
the Who, When, and Where of New Digital Fight Content for New Huge World Markets

The Need and the Opportunity

Under the current business model, professional fighters are totally dependent upon promoters to get them fights. The great majority are leveraged by promoters to sign unfair, confiscatory, multi-fight, multi-year contracts with options. A few prominent contenders and world champions, to get out from under their own confiscatory contracts, have paid huge sums to get out of their contracts. De La Hoya wanted out of his contract with Arum and was playing the good guy role by making public statements about reforming the contract model which tied up fighters. Others let their contracts expire in order to become free agents and promote their own fights.

The fighters are at the mercy of promoters and major media because of the limited television dates to show their fights to millions of subscribers. It's hard for promoters to control the fighters' money without controlling the television rights. Major world champions have become promoters and have quoted major promoters out of context to mislead the public into believing that the fighters needed the major promoters who were providing a service giving the fighters free agency powers.

Fighters Online will offer a Facebook-type social networking service providing connectivity between fighters and their fans, promoters, venues, and other individuals and groups within the boxing industry. These networking services will include technology and the latest tools for maximizing revenue from marketing and managing the digital rights to their fights.

Because of corruption and dramatic financial imbalances, fighters will enthusiastically embrace the power to create their own fights and online marketplaces for made fights.

We are looking for a Special Affiliation

Fighters Online is interested in experienced sports minded individuals interested in an unprecedented opportunity to develop a new sports network and patented methods for creating and marketing digital fight content, and who have been highly successful in technology ventures.

Fighters Online creates a seamless, border free fight community for all boxers and where extraordinary heavyweights with potential marquee value in a sport other than boxing can make a fight with another extraordinary athlete from that sport and sell that fight in several countries where they have marquee value. We represent the first fight creation model on the Web with career accelerating features for natural fighters who are athletes from another sport. We will create a strategic relationship with those who are energized by the mission of creating a global marketplace and leveling the playing field for all athletes who can be successful doing what they love to do, fight for large sums of money in a new market using new technology.

Fighters Online started working on a free agency system for fighters a few years ago in response to the fighters' difficulty of making fights, finding venues, and getting fights on television, and it is only the beginning. Fighters Online is a very innovative and unique concept that is a far better way to make, buy, and sell fights. Our business model will change the way the entire fight business is conducted.

Every fighter needs the ability to access any prospective opponent anywhere in the world without having to go through someone else. "Connections" will mean nothing if you can connect yourself with a click of your mouse.

Now fighters, trainers, managers, booking agents, matchmakers, promoters, fight attorneys, publicists, television executives, and venues throughout the world will have direct access to each other without going through anyone else -- even to the hundreds of millions of fans throughout the world.

Exit Strategy

Major monopolistic promoters and television moguls will try to protect their market share. Because of the barriers to entry afforded by our patents, they will be anxious to collaborate for content.

They may offer to acquire both Fighters Online, Inc. and World Heavyweight League. We are betting that both will become a very attractive targets for an acquisition by a large publicly-held media conglomerate.

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